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Date published 27.11.2017

FROM December 1, South African and Angolan citizens will be able to travel visa-free between the countries. This follows the Namibian move to scrap visas for African citizens and plans for other nations to do the same. Relaxed visa policies are a major benefit to Africa’s corporate sector, which experts say must keep travelling in times of political uncertainty and poor economic growth.

In a round-up of recent changes by Corporate Traveller, the company said Rwanda had started issuing visas on arrival to citizens from all countries and that Ghana and Nigeria were planning a similar switch for African citizens only.

The Kigali Global Shapers has partnered with National Aviation Services and signed up as a sponsor of the #VisaFreeAfrica campaign, launched in 2016, which aims to encourage all 54 African countries to grant 30-day visas on arrival to all African citizens by 2022 and achieve free movement of people by 2030.

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