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Date published 27.11.2017

MARTIN Jansen van Vuuren, Director: Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure at research firm Grant Thornton, said domestic travel patterns and a steady flow of international arrivals throughout December will put less pressure on Cape Town’s dwindling water supplies.

December is the Cape’s busiest month for visitor arrivals but, he maintained, of 1.5-million visitors to Cape Town each year, 10 percent, around 150,000, visit in December. During that month, 250,000 domestic tourists travel to Cape Town, but 290,000 Capetonians leave the city in December.

“This means the impact of domestic tourists to the city is not as big as we may believe,” Mr. Jansen van Vuuren added.

“Even before the drought, many hotels and guest houses have taken steps to reduce water consumption… I believe there is generally an awareness among tourists about any resource scarcity which may exist in the regions where they visit, and this does not act as a deterrent to travel.

“The key to managing the crucial tourism sector through this crisis is constant awareness and strict monitoring of wastage where it is in our control. The hospitality sector has done a lot in this regard and as long as we continue to use our resources wisely, Cape Town should continue to welcome and host tourists.”

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