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Date published 30.10.2017

NEW security processes for passengers flying to the US, including potential interviews for boarding passengers, are expected to cause check-in delays. Passengers are being advised to arrive at the airport earlier than before to avoid delays and missed flights.

The US Department of Homeland Security said the new measures would “raise the bar for national security [and] plug potential security gaps”.

The measures are being applied following a 120-day pause on refugee resettlement, while the US government conducted a review of the existing programme.

The DHS said only that new screening checks included but were not limited to increased data collection.

Stricter controls have also been applied for carry-on electronic goods at certain airports.

An update by the US Transport Security Administration earlier this month warned passengers that large electronic appliances would be removed from carry-on bags and screened separately.

Stricter electronics screening processes have mainly been concentrated at Southwest Florida airports, although rules at other airports were being updated last week.

Customers have been advised to check with their airline ahead of departure to check if the new requirements apply to their flights.

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