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Date published 23.10.2017

LUFTHANSA Group and Air Berlin Group have reached an agreement for the purchase of strategic assets worth €210-million, which will primarily be assigned to strengthen the Eurowings operation.

The agreement is for NIKI and Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter mbH and will increase the Eurowings fleet with 33 Airbus A320 aircraft and 1,700 staff. Eurowings plans to acquire additional aircraft and hire 1,300 more staff.

Eurowings is the fastest-growing airline in Europe and will debut in South Africa next month, with a weekly Cape Town to Cologne service and some of the first low-cost international fares in the market. The airline added Windhoek to its network in July.

Lufthansa Chairman Carstern Spohr said the extra capacity and consolidation in the European market would enable Eurowings to expand its range of services.

Air Berlin declared bankruptcy in August.

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