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Date published 28.08.2017

CORPORATE companies rely heavily on the services of travel management companies to enforce and monitor company travel policy, according to the results of a new survey by FCM Travel Solutions and the African Business Travel Association.

Discussions with travel buyers revealed millennial business travellers are least likely to contravene corporate travel policy, while one of the biggest factors for non-compliance was expectations travellers would get a better deal online.

ABTA founder Monique Swart said business travellers were demanding personalisation and said corporate travel demanded a more flexible approach.

“Business travellers are demanding personalisation and relying on the same tools they see and travel experiences they have in their personal lives. The indication… that over 70 percent of surveyed corporates’ policies were strict or rigid should raise concerns,” Ms. Swart said.

Ms. Swart said only 30 percent of those surveyed considered and catered for the needs of their business travellers regularly.

The most cited areas of anxiety for travellers were flight delays, missed flights and perceived poor service from airlines and hotels.

Fear of crime or terrorism, actual occurrences of crime, were not a significant cause of traveller friction, the report found.

Desired ancillaries included seat selection, access to airport lounges and good service. There was less demand for onboard Wi-Fi and in-flight entertainment.

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