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Date published 21.08.2017

TRAVELLERS have been warned to follow the advice of local authorities in the event of a terror attack and to keep phone lines clear and their location hidden from social media services, following last week’s terror attack in Barcelona. A second plot was foiled in a resort town south of the Catalan capital. The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office warned more attacks in Spain were likely.

13 people died and 100 injured when a van drove into a crowd in Las Ramblas, a largely pedestrian boulevard frequented by tourists.

Association of Southern African Travel Agents Chief Executive Officer Otto de Vries said members had a duty to advise clients about dangerous situations and threats. “That is why they will make sure they disclose any red flags or warnings about a destination, including terror threats.

“Travel consultants will also endeavour to assist their clients with real-time advice and solutions. They will assist with making alternative travel arrangements, provide the traveller with useful information and reduce the travellers’ levels of uncertainty and feelings of helplessness,” he said.

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