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Date published 07.08.2017

AIRBNB is expanding beyond accommodation but will take the same “people-powered” approach to the rest of a trip or holiday. The shared service provider’s latest product, Trips, is “the next step in becoming and end-to-end travel platform”, the company said.

Trips launched in November last year with 500 Experiences in 12 cities. Airbnb has more than tripled the number and Trips can be booked in 30 markets.

Airbnb said it was working hard to grow the Experiences on the platform.

There are now more than 1,800 Experiences available and Airbnb said by the middle of this year tens of thousands of people had started the process to list an Experience.

The average user pays US$66 per Experience per person.

There are choices ranging from a History & Book Adventure in Moscow or a Mexican Cooking Class in Mexico City. Guests can book dance lessons in Rio or opt for a Fish Guru add-on in Lisbon.

Barcelona, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Paris and Tokyo are the current top destination for add-on Experiences, Airbnb said.

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