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Date published 07.08.2017

SOUTH African Tourism Chief Executive Officer Sisa Ntshona has called for a South Africa.inc approach to combating issues such as seasonality, accessibility, pricing and a struggling South African Airways, with a ‘5-in-5’ plan to attract four-million more international visitors and one-million domestic holiday trips in the next five years.

A new national I Do Tourism campaign roadshow was held last month, to ensure “national alignment and consistency” between stakeholders.

A Tourism plans to leverage South Africa’s events calendar and South African Tourism Grading Council’s new app to develop more business.

Mr. Ntshona appealed to delegates to dedicate resources to markets that were proven. For businesses in the Western Cape, this meant the UK, US, Germany and Namibia, he said. “It is not China; Not yet… You want to focus where demand is.”

I Do Tourism urges locals to get to know their own country and highlights the economic contribution of every visitor.

Mr. Ntshona said new entrants, especially in the hospitality accommodation sector, could add more capacity and this, in turn, would address pricing and could make it more affordable for locals to travel domestically. He encouraged the trade to package more local product and product owners to add more experiences.

“We want to grow domestic tourism. We want to grow the up-and-coming black middle class… to get them to know their country, get them to move around,” he said. “We have to be deliberate and get creative…”

• See the August issue of the TIR for more from Sisa Ntshona on SA Tourism’s plans to grow tourism, read now at www.tir.co.za.

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