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Date published 14.11.2016

THE Tourism Business Council of South Africa’s soft solution to airport immigration queues was presented to Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom last week. The recommendations include the use of ushers to provide travellers with refreshments and information on their visit and assistance from the police.

It suggests immigration officials in the departure section could be moved to arrivals, increasing staff there and alleviating congestion.

The TBCSA recommended South Africa channel its focus on regulating travel of its own minor children travelling out of the country instead of minors from other countries, particularly visa-exempt ones.

“We have tabled our proposals and they were well received,” said Mmatšatši Ramawela, TBCSA’s Chief Executive Officer. “The extent to which the proposed soft solutions are implemented ahead of the festive holidays will be dependent on how quickly the Departments of Tourism and Home Affairs, as well as ACSA, engage and agree on a plan of action.”

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