Travel Industry Review



The travel industry and reader preferences are changing. So is TIR.

From February, TIR will become a bi-monthly, glossy magazine in A4 format, with the eye-catching appeal of a top consumer magazine but with content directed at the trade. Issue dates will now be: February/March, April/May, June/July, August/September, October/November and December/January.

The new TIR will focus on essential background information, product and sales opportunities in a way which will provide an interesting read for travel retailers, which they can take home and enjoy at their leisure and will contribute to product knowledge and job enrichment. As travel agents need to get a break from constant exposure to tiring computers during the day, they need the opportunity to absorb relevant and entertaining information through the more relaxed and less stressful environment of appealing print presentation.

It will also be associated with pending, ongoing training and development, which is currently in the planning stages, to be introduced to the industry later next year, and will be revolutionary for the travel industry here and overseas.

Digital publications overseas have started to run into roadblocks due to reader frustration and avoidance of irritating pop-up advertising and subsequent advertiser dissatisfaction with their effectiveness, so TIR has decided to focus on the new print solution for readers and advertisers.

Some of the most popular current TIR content will continue and there will be a wide-ranging variety of reader-appeal for travel agents including destination sales features, technology, cruises, airline updates, car hire, tour wholesale product, industry topics, retail focus, sales aids, association initiatives, domestic sales opportunities, agency incentives and fam tours, as well as contributions from industry experts. Personally Speaking will also continue as one of the features that industry input has recommended in the new concept.

There will also be the new training concept applicable to retailers of all levels of experience and suppliers through TIR - a world first for the travel industry to be launched here later in 2018. It will be generic and available specifically customised.

Individual travel counsellors who wish to receive the new TIR and are not currently receiving this issue can contact to receive future issues at either their offices or home addresses. Those already receiving TIR will continue to receive the new publication next year.

It has been a privilege to have produced this current format for more than 22 years and we look forward to seeing you again in our new, updated role in February.